Product marketing today is evolving quickly with the need to cut through all the noise and make your product or service well understood by your target audiences. For asset managers, this means clearly defining a fund or strategy strengths as competition is extremely high for limited shelf space. It means developing content such as presentations, so key messages can be well articulated by sales teams or by product gatekeepers presenting back to a wider group within their organisation. For product services, it means bringing to life key strengths relative to other competitors so your service offering can be clearly understood.


We have worked with asset management companies and financial services firms in developing their product positioning.

  • Presentations: We spend time with the investment teams or product specialists in really unearthing what makes their fund/product different. We do this by carefully walking through each step of the process, so we can get a strong understanding of the fund/product and what makes it different. We have worked with Sanlam Investments, LGBR Capital, Mirabaud Asset Management and CACEIS.
  • Assessment: We run fund/product assessments for LGBR Capital against key competitor funds when they on-board new distribution arrangements. We look at a range of different metrics to understand how strong the product is relative to competitors funds.


Feedback from the sales teams usually informs if the positioning is working well. It gives us good insight to tweak ideas and messaging. These feedback loops become important.