ProDroneWorx sits outside of the financial services industry. However, they wanted to partner with an agency that had a more technical skill-set in positioning products and services. This required Marketing Alpha Partners developing a technical understanding of the construction industry and the applications used by drones that create significant efficiencies in this sector. This project required the same disciplines in product messaging that we bring to the financial services sector.


We worked with ProDroneWorx to initiate their second market research survey of drone technology usage within the UK and Irish construction industry and they wanted to publicise the results on LinkedIn. Their objective was to reinforce their expertise in this area and help drive more pipeline with relevant constriction companies that were still building their knowledge of this new technology.


We wanted to develop a stronger way of engaging with ProDronWorx’s audience on LinkedIn, recognising that content needs to really pop when it appears on individual news feeds. We developed a series of infographics that focused on the key results from the survey, that we felt also reinforced the advantages of what ProDroneWorx can bring to the construction industry.


Breaking down the survey into this more infographical format gave  ProDronWorx the opportunity to develop a sponsored LinkedIn campaign over an extended period of time to  reinforce that they understand the narrative around the changing use of drone technology in construction.