Mirabaud Asset Management embarked on a sales campaign for its global equity strategies and required a range of content assets that spoke to the thematic approach followed by the global equity team. A key objective was to emphasise the multi-theme approach used by the team, not only around their eight key themes, but the multiple sub-themes that sat underneath. This required Marketing Alpha Partners to spend time with the portfolio managers and sales/marketing leadership ahead of content development.


It was important to convey the multiple-theme approach followed by the global equity team, and to emphasise the actual stock opportunities underneath these themes. We developed a range of content to support the campaign
We constructed a ‘Thematic research report’ that brought to life the rationale for the different themes.
We developed a suite of short videos, each one emphasising a key theme. LinkedIn was one of the primary distribution sources of the content, so we focused on impact to generate as much engagement as possible.


The Thematic report was used by the sales team to maintain visibility with clients and prospects who are interested in the global equity strategies. The content within the Thematic report was also repurposed into smaller ‘soundbites’ to help with additional marketing activities. The content also provided the sales teams with information to use across their client and prospect meetings.

Mirabaud’s Global Equity Themes: Platform Technology from Marketing Alpha Partners on Vimeo.