When competing with larger competitors, Investment Boutiques often need to work much harder, especially on areas such as client experience and information/service delivery. Successfully demonstrating a differentiated experience takes focus, clear definition and clear communication. Small and mid-sized financial services organisations can be well placed to deliver given their size, which usually results in a nimble and flexible approach.


Marketing Alpha Partners hosted a client journey workshop with the sales and leadership team at Sanlam Investments. The objective was twofold:

  • To validate how clients interacted with Sanlam Investments throughout the sales process (pre, during, such as the due-diligence phase, and post sale) to define the role and expectations of marketing across each of those touchpoints – to help improve the client experience through the sales process. We looked at what triggers a new product search and the key factors that are critical in key stages of the sales process, such as due diligence and product validation.
  • Working with the team to define a single organising idea around which the entire client experience or client journey will be modelled.


The workshop and client journey mapping provided some context to a range of marketing deliverables that were required, which formed part of the marketing plan to help drive sales.