We specialise in strategic consulting and creating and packaging technical content across traditional and digital channels, alongside expertise in product governance.

  • The co-founders have over 65 years’ combined experience in creating and distributing high quality content and marketing communications, combined with influential networks across the asset management industry.

  • Highly experienced in using optimal approaches in traditional and digital marketing, with access to a proven network of specialists covering areas such as design and email communications to complement our existing capabilities.

  • Technical knowledge across active fixed income, equity, real estate, private equity and private debt markets.

  • Strong understanding of the distribution landscape across Europe, Asia and Latin America, having worked in highly complex global asset management organisations that covered these regions.

  • Marketing Alpha Partners has created an ’Advisory Board’ of highly experienced practitioners within the asset management industry with strong backgrounds across fund selection, publishing and distribution. They inform Marketing Alpha Partners around areas of best-practice in their areas of expertise.

  • We bring seasoned and relevant expertise to provide a platform for financial firms seeking to incorporate additional independent oversight alongside their product governance processes as they bring new products to the market.